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Let’s design and create
your purpose-driven vision
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Purpose-Driven Digital Design

Need to stay aligned with your values, keep your audience at the core of your venture, and ensure that everyone thrives? Streamline your digital representation to better highlight your messaging.

Customize and Scale

Every venture is unique, so HTO believes that there is no one-size-fits all approach. E-commerce, e-learning or lead-generation platform, share your objectives, and we will make it happen!

Drive Positive Change

Create the digital hub that represents your vision and engages your community. On top of that, HTO will integrate digital sustainability principles and prioritize inclusive design to accompany your objectives.

HTO Highlights

HTO Highlights

HTO Highlights

HTO Highlights

The Coterie


Edward F. Hardy


The Coterie is Kimberly Wilson’s community of mindful and like-hearted women who are infusing more tranquility into the daily hustle and bustle.

CNIGEM is a French association committed to advocating for individuals facing mental health challenges.

The Edward F. Hardy Sickle Cell Foundation gives voices to sickle cell patients and their families as they fight a lifelong battle of recognition, inclusion, and empowerment. 

The ExpertCare e-learning platform provides annual online training for their community of medical practitioners, so they can serve their communities better. 



Customized Care Plan

Investment: $750/monthly
Engagement period: 3 months

Feeling stuck with your platform? Need assistance in implementing your design strategy? Make that progress through monthly support of 5 hours, so you can focus on running your business and reaching your milestones. 

Custom Pro Launchpad

Investment from $4,450
Build time: 4 weeks

Embark on a comprehensive journey launching your showcase, e-learning, or e-commerce website. Ideal for those who need UX-centered direction, content creation assistance, and custom design solutions.

Essential Web Express

Investment: $950
Build time: 1 day

Is your landing page the missing piece? Implement and achieve a same-day page launch with HTO. Ideal for hands-on small business owners seeking expert guidance and accelerated completion.


I’m Mara, a web designer and WordPress website creator based in France. My work is dedicated to driving positive change with simplicity in mind.

Through Happy Trails Online Communications, I create and showcase user-centric page designs to enhance experiences, with a focus on streamlined processes that embrace the principles of digital sustainability.

If you’re curious to know how I came to embrace this process and how it works, please check the HTO blog, which is coming soon.

About This Website


Streamlined Experience

No endless scrolling and invasive user tracking. No maze-like clicking of pages. A core principle of digital sustainability is creating with simplicity that prioritizes a seamless user journey.

Tailored for Functionality

In line with the objective of championing digital sustainability, HTO aims to create designs that highlight information and functionalities that are necessary and are focused on your users' needs.

Environmental Commitment

The core HTO value emphasizes reduction of negative digital impact in our production and consumption. To support this, we plant trees for every project by supporting Semeurs de Fôrets in France.

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