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I’m Mara – I design and build websites for sustainable and empowering ventures.   

Happy Trails Online, shortened as HTO, is a pursuit of helping create and leverage platforms that pave the way for change. Positive and motivating change. 

After years of swerving to different fields, which allowed me to gain a myriad of insights and experiences, I have made a commitment to assist ventures that are focused on creating and supporting positive change.  

While I focus on optimized web designs geared towards better user experience, I also tap into other digital needs through my network of digital specialists who are ready to put their magic and shift the narrative. We are all grounded with the same objective – to see things evolve to make sure no one is sidelined. 

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target number of trees that will be planted in 2022

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I understand how a small act of change can contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. This is the same principle in the digital world. It’s worth assessing how our digital consumption will impact the environment. 

So far, I have found alternative tools and solutions that can help bring down the negative ecological impact of this digital shift.  

Aside from promoting eco-friendly hosting solutions and choosing tools that highlight inclusivity and positive change, HTO Communications commits a percentage of every project to help initiatives that plant trees and empower environmental education. 

If we know better, we can definitely do better. 

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Each one of us has talent.
Each one of us can do something. 
We just need to find ways how.

Cyril Dion, Demain